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Town of Surf City - Surf City, North Carolina

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Position Description


The Surf City Police Department serves the vibrant town and citizens of Surf City, N.C. The town is a rapidly growing hub community situated between Wilmington N.C. and Jacksonville N.C. The town is a resort community which experiences the population drastically increased during the summer months. The Surf City P.D. serves 2 zones, Island and Mainland. The Surf City P.D. currently has 21 full time sworn officer positions. The P.D. is led by Chief Ron Shanahan. The Patrol Division consists of 15 officers, led by a Patrol Commander, 4 Patrol Sergeants, and 2 Police Corporals. The Investigative Division consists of 3 sworn officers, led by an Administrative Captain. Police Officers are scheduled to 12 hours shifts, working 14 shifts in a 28-day cycle.
One K-9 Unit and a School Resource Officer also augment the department. Shifts are rotated every 28 days between day shifts and night shifts. In 2016, the Surf City Police Department was awarded N.C. League of Municipalities Risk Reduction Accreditation for excellence in best practices and policies.

Starting Pay:
Entry Police Officer: $39,000
Police Officer I (1 year of conditional service or 2 years lateral service): $40,800
Police Officer II (3 years of conditional service or 6 years lateral service): $42,600
Master Police Officer (5 years of conditional service or 10 years lateral service): $44,675
*Above does not include C.O.L.A. raises and/or merit raises

The Town of Surf City offers full-time regular employees a comprehensive benefits package at no charge to the employee:
Take home vehicle after 6 months of employment
Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Life Insurance, Local Government Retirement System Contribution, 401 K contribution.
Holidays: 12 paid holidays per year. Sick Leave: 12 hours per month. Vacation Leave: 42 hours after a probationary period, increases with the length of service. Personal Leave: 16 hours per year.
Uniform Cleaning Allowance: $240 annually. Wellness Programs, Employee Assistance Programs, and Free Access to Community Center Facility, along with select Community Center Classes.

HIRING PROCESS (Probationary Applicants):
After applying for employment, the following process will occur:
• The application will be reviewed, and determine if the applicant is eligible for a board interview.
• After board interview, the applicant will sign a Release of Information document, submit necessary documents, and then undergo an extensive background investigation.
• Applicant must successfully pass a Chief of Police interview.
• The applicant is offered a conditional offer of employment and must successfully pass psychological (including job suitability test), physical, and drug exam.
• Applicant must successfully pass the department’s firearm qualification course
• Applicant must then be eligible for certification by N.C. Criminal Justice Standards Commission.

Factors that will be reviewed include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Failure to be eligible for certification by the North Carolina Training and Standards Commission (12 NCAC 9B.101/9B.0111)
• Current unsatisfactory credit history rating as determined by the Chief of Police and/or Designee.
• Known unsatisfied judgments at the time of application other than traffic fines
• Any arrears in child support or failure to pay child support.
• Any felony conviction
• A misdemeanor conviction that either would prohibit certification or could result in the suspension of certification by the North Carolina Training and Standards Commission.
• Any individual that has been named respondent and/or defendant in an active domestic violence protective order (50B Order) issued by a judge of a court of competent jurisdiction.
• Any individual convicted of any offense arising from domestic violence as defined by 18 U.S.C. Section 921(a).
• The unlawful sale or distribution of any controlled substances.
• The knowingly use of any Schedule I drug
• The knowingly use of any illicit Schedule IIV within the eighty-four months (7 years)
• immediately preceding the date of application.
• The knowingly use of any nonprescribed Controlled Substance will be reviewed
• Possession or use of Marijuana or a derivative thereof within the twenty-four months (2 years) immediately preceding the date of application.
• Conviction in any jurisdiction of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol (D.U.I./D.W.I.) within the five (5) years immediately preceding the date of application.
• Refusal to take a blood or breath test as required by the implied consent of any jurisdiction within the five (5) years immediately preceding the date of application.
• Conviction of Eluding Police, Hit and Run, Vehicle Speed Competition or Death by Vehicle.
• The suspension or revocation of driving privileges in any jurisdiction within the past five (5) years for any reason other than failure to pay fines and costs.
• A Dishonorable Discharge from any military service.
• Untruthfulness or the falsification of any application, certificate, credential, interview, test, or document associated with the application for this position.
• A police applicant shall be at least 20 years of age.
• Not being a United States Citizen.
• Behavior is unsuitable or inappropriate for a Police Officer as determined by the Chief of Police and/or Designee.
• Unstable job history as determined by the Chief of Police and/or Designee.